OpenAI editorial designs, visualizations, and graphics (2018–2020)

AI and Efficiency, May 2020

Jukebox, April 2020

Cover Artwork: Ben Barry
Additional Developoment: Brooke Chan

OpenAI Five, December 2019

Procgen Benchmark, December 2019

Safety Gym, November 2019

Illustration: Jennifer DeRosa, Richard Perez

AI and Compute, November 2019

Solving Rubik’s Cube with a Robot Hand, October 2019

Photography: Eric Haines
Video: Peter Jordan, Yvette Solis, Brooke Chan
Cover Artwork and Additional Design: Ben Barry

Fine-Tuning GPT-2 from Human Preferences, September 2019

Additional Development: Brooke Chan, Shan Carter

Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Interaction, September 2019

Video: Glenn Powell, Leo Ogawa Lillrank, Ivy Lillrank, Andie Lee
Additional Design: Ben Barry

OpenAI Robotics Symposium 2019, June 2019

Photography: Blake Tucker

OpenAI Scholars Spring 2019: Final Projects, May 2019

MuseNet, April 2019

Primary Development: Nicholas Benson
Cover Artwork: Ben Barry

OpenAI Five Arena, April 2019

Primary Development: Michael Petrov

Better Language Models and Their Implications, February 2019

Cover Artwork: Ben Barry

How AI Training Scales, December 2018

Cover Artwork: Ben Barry

Reinforcement Learning with Prediction-Based Rewards, October 2018