OpenAI Design (2018–2019)

Design for OpenAI Five project page December 2019

Design for Procgen BenchmarkDecember 2019

Design for Safety GymNovember 2019

Redesign for AI and ComputeNovember 2019

Design for Solving Rubik’s Cube with a Robot HandOctober 2019

With Ben Barry & Shan Carter

Design for Fine-Tuning GPT-2 from Human PreferencesSeptember 2019

With Shan Carter & Brooke Chan

Design for OpenAI Robotics Symposium 2019June 2019

OpenAI-branded poster generator May 2019

Design for MuseNetApril 2019

With development by Nicholas Benson

Design for OpenAI Five Arena website April 2019

With development by Michael Petrov

Design for GPT-2February 2019

Design for How AI Training ScalesDecember 2018